Saturday, June 21, 2014

Easy Word Hunt

Earlier today my mind was hooked on pirates and I remembered a fun item I made for my students this year. As you may have seen I have a one year old boy and with that comes a lot of trash. Not just stinky diapers (which is of course a given!) but savable, reusable trash too. The closet pack rat in me forced me to save a lot of things that most moms would have thrown away. Most of which included baby food containers. I have tons of glass and plastic containers that I saved because there was a little piece of me that knew I would somehow be able to use them later. Now while later may not come for a few years, I almost always use things that I bought and saved for a rainy day. This year I decided to use some of the plastic baby food containers and snap tops (something I had bought for a different crafty adventure but never finished) to make these fun Word Hunt boxes.

 To make the boxes all I did was write all of their spelling words for the week on different snap tops (you could use anything small that you can write on) and then fill the box with the snaps and dry macaroni. 

I hot glued the top shut and placed a label on the top. I used these as a center activity for the students or as something for them to take back to their desks and work on independently. They would take a box and the small word hunt sheet of paper and twist and turn the box to find and write all of their spelling words. 

They had a blast "hunting" for the hidden words. This was super quick and easy to make and it gave the students some fun practice reading and writing their spelling words. The word hunt sheet that I used is down below if you would like to use it. Let me know what you think!

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