Sunday, September 7, 2014

Short A is for Awesome!

We ease our students into first grade with two weeks of the short a sound. This week however, my students are in for a treat. So far, they love making the loomy bracelets. I finally finished making my short vowel loomy pack so this week they get to do it at their Reading Fun center! I think I'm going to use the Word Hunt one, though the Word Families ones could be used as a class.  Most of them are pretty good at making the bracelets on their own. However, a few are still having a little trouble. Having them do it during centers time should work like a charm! Those who are having trouble will have another student there to help them out. They can work as a team so that each of them has a bracelet. They love to show them off to their friends (:

They love to wear them and it lets them see and practice those words when their mind starts to wander at other points in the day. I love it when they play with these at lunch or recess! If they start to play with them otherwise, have them gently roll it across their hand to get it off and then put it in their backpack.

To check it out, click on the link below and take a gander at the preview. Tons of fun!

Short vowels are coming to town for the next few weeks. Have something fun for your students to do! Let me know what your students think of these! 


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