Saturday, November 22, 2014

Addition Boxes

Addition is on every first grade teacher's mind as all we hear about is, "They need to be fluent with their math facts NOW." I use these addition boxes for centers or as an early finisher activity. They are easy to make and they love to "play" with them. They can write their facts on a separate piece of paper or use a dry erase marker on the lid. The super recycler that I am kept all of these boxes from when my son used to eat baby food. I knew I'd use them one day! You don't have to use these boxes though, any small clear box will do.
small clear boxes, permanent marker, dice, hot glue

First, flip the lid over. Then, write the base for the addition sentence backwards like this:

So when you flip it over it looks like this: 
(I put the writing on the inside of the box so it doesn't wear off)

Then, add some dice to the box and some hot glue around the rim.

After that, stick the lid on while the glue is hot. And POOF it is done!
You can also do this for adding three numbers together too.

These boxes are great for fact practice. No more running around the room for roll-away dice. Thank goodness! If you don't have any of these boxes, you can use ones from the dollar store or send a note home to your parents. Someone is sure to have a baby at home and would probably be happy to send them your way! Hope you're having a great cold day (: 


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