Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Play Ball!

We have had wonderful weather here this week which means it's time to leave those TVs inside and step into some wonderful fresh air. I guess it's freshness depends on where you live and maybe yours isn't so fresh but either way sunlight is always good (:  I brought a bunch of school things home this summer and among them I found this fun number ball that reminds me of a beach ball. I decided it was time to make a game. Math Baseball is what I like to call it and it's not only easy but it lets your child review their addition or multiplication facts in a fun way. Granted it only goes up to 6 + 6 or 6 x 6 but practice is practice nonetheless. So here's the scoop. Tape a paper plate onto a t-ball set like so:

Then place a number ball or a beach ball with numbers written on it like this:

First, the batter calls out the number they are hitting. Then, the other person calls out the number their right thumb touches when they catch or grab the ball. After that, the batter adds or multiplies the two numbers together. If the batter gets the answer right, they can run to first base. If the batter gets the answer wrong, then it counts as an out. The next person comes up to bat and does the same thing again. Pretty easy huh? I hope your kiddos get to go outside and practice their facts with this fun game! Let me know what you think of the game or if your kids enjoyed playing it. Have fun and go outside!!! 

-Crazy S

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