Friday, August 15, 2014

Morning Meetings

School is just around the corner and I, like a special person, have been in my room early this year. Now this is a picture moment because it happens rarely. However, this year I wanted to get a jump start on things. Feel a little more at ease when Open House comes around. My newest addition to my room is my new morning meeting center. Normally I put it on a bulletin board and I crawl behind my tent to change everything each day. This year I wanted to be a little less friendly with the spiders so I made my own calendar set, laminated it, and put magnets on everything. Now it is easily accessible on one side of my white board. It should hopefully be much easier to change each month and no spider/roach stare downs this year! Check it out:

It's pretty cheap. Only 2 smackaroos!
You can see more pictures of it HERE.

I hope you had a good summer. See you in the halls!


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