Friday, October 10, 2014

Saving Sunflowers

So, "resourceful recycling" me saw some sunflowers the other day in the mailbox room. I have forever wanted sunflowers for my students to use when we learn about flowers and seeds so I was jumping on this opportunity. There were six of them which was perfect because that lets me have one for each group and then one for me to use as a model. The question was: How do I save these? I'm not teaching plants until the Spring but I have seen people use dry ones from year to year so I knew it could be done. All I've ever heard about drying flowers is to hang them upside down. Awesome! Wait. Where? How? I searched the room high and low and this is what I did:

I just opened a paper clip to make an S. Then I stuck one end through the stem (close to the head of the flower). After that, I hung the other end of the paper clips along some beads that I already had in my room. Perfecto! All of them hanging up nicely without taking up any extra space: 

Now I'm no expert so I have no idea if this is actually going to work. Only time will tell. In theory, I like to think this will work. In a few weeks, I will post the progress of these beauties and hopefully all will be well in the land of flower drying. If you have any tips or ideas for drying flowers please let me know! I can't wait to use these in the Spring (: 


*10/21/14 - Sunflower Update*

Just FYI the sunflowers did dry this way. Over a few days, I came in to tons of pollen on the floor. This morning I came in and found about 60 tiny worms all over my easel. I almost had a heart attack! They were everywhere! So, while I learned that hanging them upside down like this does in fact dry them, next time I will be sure to do this outside. You never know when stealthy little worms are hiding in your sunflowers!


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