Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Desk Bags

This year I went out on a limb and tried something new. I was beyond tired of pig pen desks and I decided to combat it with desk bags. I gave each student 3 bags that had different colored dots - a My Words bag (green dot), a Math Facts bag (yellow dot), and a My Books bag (red dot). Whenever I gave them new spelling words, sight words, or words they wanted to learn, I told them to take out their green dot bag and put them inside. Whenever we had a paper book - decodable reader, small science book, etc., I had them put it in their red dot bag. Same thing with math facts. When I wanted them to practice adding numbers to 10, doubles, doubles plus one, or teen number words I gave them cards and then I had them put them in their yellow dot bag. Whenever they finished early, they could take out a colored dot bag and read a book, practice their words, or practice their facts. At the end of the year they were able to take all of the bags home to review over the summer. The only problem I had was that some super messy kids lost some of their bags so I had to give them a new one. Other than that it worked really well! This summer I made chevron owl bag labels so I don't have to write on each bag. They look like this (sorry for the bad pic):

Just write each student's name in the blank then tape the labels to the bags. Add some sight words or words they want to spell and POOF instant desk organization!

The color coding definitely helped because all I had to say was "Take out your red dot bag" or in this case "Take out your blue owl bag" and everyone would have the right bag out of their desk. Hopefully this helps to keep your munchkins organized this year! Let me know what you think (:

There are labels for My Words Bag, My Spelling Words Bag, My Book Bag, My Math Bag, My Science Bag, and My Social Studies Bag. 

Get them for FREE here: 


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