Friday, July 18, 2014

Cool DIY Color Box

So my husband tells me I hoard things. Now I'm nothing like those super hoarders on TV but I do save a lot of random things that most people throw away. Most of the time I look at them and think - I know I can use this for something. The tops to the baby wet wipes pouches were one of those things.
I pulled them off when the wipes were empty and stuck them in a bin under the diaper table just knowing that I could use them some day in some way. Well lucky for me, today was that day. A lot of the students coming into first grade don't know their color words. I thought it would be fun to have a color box with flaps that snap and click! It's really easy to make (:

-flaps from wipes or cardboard rectangles
-a box (big enough for the flaps)
-color cards (FREE at the bottom of the post)
-hot glue
(You can also put color items or shapes inside when the box is done)

1. First, print and cut out the color cards. Grab the color cards here for FREE: Color Cards 
I put packing tape on them to make them more durable. I ran out of laminating sheets (grr) or I would have done that. 

2. Then, hot glue the color cards in the center of each box side. 

3. After that, hot glue the wipes flaps on top. I did this with the flap up to make sure the color was showing inside of the window.

4. Next, glue the color words on top of each flap.

All done! If you want your box to be super cool, put some different colored items or shapes inside like this:

My 18 month old son loves this box. He loves how all of the windows click open and snap shut. Let me know what you think. Leave a comment below! Over and out.

-Crazy S

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