Saturday, August 23, 2014

Loomy Bracelets

Last year I watched as the rubber band bracelet craze swept our school. Every student had one or wanted one. It was everywhere. My students loved to give them to me and I loved getting them. I had close to a million. I tried to figure out a way to turn this idea into one where learning was involved. I worked hard and eventually came up with a worksheet that could essentially be turned into one of these bracelets. I had a rough copy and brought it into school. I let my students test it to see how smooth the whole idea would go. It was awesome! The students loved them (: Most of them were even able to put the last link on all by themselves. Those who didn't finish asked to finish it during recess. Others were going around helping each other. It was wonderful! Not only were the students practicing addition, they were working as a team to help each other put them together. Some of the students kept asking me over and over for the next few weeks when we were going to make another one. The only thing I realized was that you had to put a decent amount of glue on the ends of each strip, otherwise some of the links would pop off. For the most part though, the bracelets stayed together nicely.

Here are the directions:
It's pretty easy and the kids love them. If you have any requests or suggestions please let me know! I tried to make a few for different types of teachers. These are FREE! Check them out:

If you have any requests or suggestions please let me know! I hope you have fun with these (: 


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